You can customize a Meta Mansion now! Introducing the world’s first web3 real estate metaverse experience built on unreal engine 5, accessible on every device worldwide.

KEYS Metaverse
2 min readOct 21, 2022

The KEYS metaverse ALPHA is now playable on allowing our community members to enter into our metaverse gameplay directly through a link. The ALPHA presents one Meta Mansion in our island biome with AAA quality graphics featuring one of our main utilities: customization of in-game assets and materials. The community has already began releasing content from gameplay experience using our editing tools to change the colours of the furniture assets and change furniture sets. The AAA quality graphics make this virtual mansion feel as if it is real and the gameplay experience considers all of the real world elements including wind, walking sounds, water flow, and birds flying above the Meta Mansion. Keep in mind, this is just the ALPHA.

As we collect user feedback and share this incredible experience with our community, we are merging the metaverse gameplay experience with our marketplace which has been under ideation and development for over 6 months.

Most marketplaces are 2D marketplaces, but KEYS changes this concept by focusing on immersive user experience in 3D — the entire 3D level / metaverse is a marketplace that can facilitate transactions and integrate NFT’s to prove ownership of assets. Users can upload assets, sell NFTs, rent out their meta mansions and create business opportunities for themselves in a way that’s never before seen and at the highest possible quality level.

As KEYS scales, an ecosystem of buyers, sellers, creators and users who can interact and conduct business in the 3D realm will be created by providing the ability for users to display and customize items, host product launches, events, workshops, live streams, and so much more. This can also open up advertising opportunities for brands as user traffic and time in the KEYS Metaverse increases. Please take a moment to digest important information below:

What is so special about the KEYS metaverse engine?

Market size/Reach

  • KEYS metaverse is the first web3 metaverse available on every device worldwide. By leveraging bi-directional streaming (same tech behind zoom calls), KEYS can deliver AAA graphics metaverse to any user on any device (mobile, tablets and desktops).


  • Built on top of Unreal Engine 5, the state of the art in real-time graphics, KEYS metaverse is the most beautiful and immersive metaverse in the industry.

Scalable platform

  • KEYS will be releasing a suite of creator and business tools that will allow users to monetize their skill sets and time in the metaverse, enabling a new economy around metaverse transactions.

Make sure to try the gameplay experience now at and provide your valuable feedback on our ALPHA feedback form!

Thank you, and we can’t wait to share more development news with you soon!



KEYS Metaverse

A real-estate-centric open metaverse focused on empowering creators by creating accessible and immersive user experiences.