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3 min readSep 12, 2023

As we continue in our journey, we are thrilled to share progress updates from Q1 to Q3, and look ahead to Q4 on a mission to foster a more engaged, dynamic, and collaborative ecosystem.

Q1-Q3 Progress Updates:

  • KEYS Token utility enhancement beginning with real estate rental discounts where KEYS Token holders gain exclusive rental discounts or enhanced rental terms for deals made using KEYS tokens. In addition, we’ve created the path to allow access to exclusive real estate listings for KEYS token holders based on loyalKEY tiers, adding additional value to holding the token.
  • Simplification of product ecosystem with convergence of all assets leading into KEYLead Marketplace launch.
  • Completion of ALL Meta Mansion bases and a new development partnership with an award-winning architecture studio in the Middle East to enhance Meta Mansions user experience by improving external and internal spaces with the latest Unreal Engine 5.3 creator tools.
  • Research & development of Meta Mansions Monetization Tools.
  • Ideation of Player Characters in the KEYS Metaverse linked to level3 Meta Mansion characters to start including Dinosaur, Dragon, & Yeti.
  • Improved infustructure updates with the goal of allowing 10,000+ users in the KEYS Metaverse concurrently.
  • 4 new KEYS Metaverse residential zone biomes currently under construction. Island biome enhancement. 3 remaining biomes aimed to be completed by February 16, 2024 resulting in all 8 biomes completed in Q1 of 2024.
  • Recruitment of a Chief Of Staff for Keys xyz.
  • Recruitment of experienced virtual world builders to C-level Executive team.
  • Completion of KEYCard Ventures business plan including structure to integrate with KEYS Token holders based on LoyalKEY tiers.
  • Completion of KEYS DAO Governance Program.
  • UI/UX Designer Onboarded for KEYLead Marketplace revamp.

We’ve made tremendous progress this year with the completion of ALL Meta Mansion bases at the forefront and KEYLead Marketplace, the 4th stage of our intial roadmap.

Understanding KEYS DAO Governance

In the initial phase of KEYS DAO, we will unravel the values of KEYS DAO Governance, fostering an environment of courage, equality, and transparency. We aim to empower every member of our community to have a voice and to use it fearlessly.

Exclusive Insights into KEYCard Ventures

Progressing further, we’ve built a world of opportunities to share with KEYCard Ventures, an initiative poised to redefine investment avenues in the real estate and Web3 spheres.

Real Estate with KEYLead Marketplace

The transformative potential of the KEYLead Marketplace is becoming clear; an endeavour that seeks to combine physical real estate listings with a plethora of additional offerings, steering us towards an exciting frontier of possibilities in the real estate sphere.

Metamorphosis with Meta Mansions

Our journey takes a more immersive turn as we go deeper into the groundbreaking development of Meta Mansions. Envision a world where the boundaries between real and virtual blur, creating an ecosystem that promises both customization and innovation. Limited supply of 8,888 with infinite possibilities. This is a one of a kind project.

Unlock Exclusivities with KEYS Events

As we approach the completion of our initial roadmap, we present the KEYS Events — a series where learning meets luxury in the world’s most exotic locations. Whether you join us physically in Miami and Dubai or virtually from any corner of the globe, you can look forward to a rich tapestry of experiences, insights, and exclusive previews into the pulsating world of the KEYS ecosystem, web3, and global real estate markets.

Evaluation and Feedback

As our journey continues, we value your reflections, insights, and feedback. Through interactive sessions and feedback forums, we invite you to be a part of our creation and growth processes, fostering a culture of continuous mutual evolution.

Join KEYS in this Exciting Journey

As we fly into Q4, we invite each one of you to not just witness, but to actively shape this narrative of KEYS. Let’s forge a path that resonates with courage, equality, and transparency, and creates an ecosystem where every voice matters.

Join the conversation on our discord main chat, be a part of the transformation, and wait until you meet DINO in 3D..


Thank you for your time.



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