The KEYS Weekly KEYNote — April 28, 2022

It was an exciting week for the KEYS team as improvements were made throughout the entire company. An emphasis on communication, marketing, and metaverse development has led to more streamlined workflows for the entire team. Our CPO, Noah Kent, and our CTO, Daniel Kantor, discuss the KEYS Metaverse, Marketing, Hello Monday, the coming KEYCard Website, Metaverse Integration, API, Security, and much more.


  1. Daily updates are officially coming back. Expect to receive daily updates throughout the week, Monday to Sunday starting Monday next week!
  2. Nima met with a KEYCard V1 holder and got tons of incredible insights on current and future outlooks. He gained a lot of confidence that we are in a good position and need to focus on building.

Product & Development Update

  1. The team has taken the last month to strategize the next 24 months of product and tech development with the Metaverse and Tech teams. We now have a full-scale KEYS development timeline covering all products. Feedback from our community for the next 24 months will continue to refine and upgrade as we progress as an organization.
  2. We have taken the time and have put a huge emphasis on re-organizing our internal structure to benefit from cross-functional teams, streamlining our development procedures and workflows, project management, and internal and external communication streams.
  3. This week we have continued conversations with Hello Monday regarding budgets and scope of work for various projects within the KEYS development roadmap in addition to various other stakeholders as we organize our timelines and budgets for 2022 and 2023.
  4. As an organization, we have never been in a better position internally and I’ve never been more excited to continue forward and build, we have the team, we have the vision, and we have the organizational systems.

KEYS API Updates

  • Make sure uptime to 100%.
  • Added alerts for developers to know if the service goes down.

KEYCard Updates

  • Coming down to the final tech dev stages.
  • Entering quality assurance end of next week.
  • We will have 10 benefits on launch.


  1. This week we introduced a few of our valued residents including music producer Timbaland, Jeweler Jason Of Beverly Hills, Super Bowl champion CJ Prosise, and star actress from the Notorious B.I.G movie, Antonique Smith.
  2. The content creation team is now engaged in creating various pieces to educate the public market about metaverse details including a Collab post that went live today on Nima’s and @houses on Instagram pages.
  3. Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn all have daily activity and outreach continues for inviting people to our community. We are bringing back Youtube podcasts and custom lifestyle videos to show the community what we are up to and to give more insights into the project vision.
  4. Our marketing team also took the time to determine our core target audiences which include Vancouver, Toronto, LA, New York, Miami, London, Dubai, Brisbane, and soon adding India through our alliance with Blockwiz. If community members have suggestions we are happy to take feedback and execute their suggestions.
  5. Clarified tasks for each team member including strategy, content, copy, posting, engagement, and reporting.
  6. Optimized and set up new internal management systems including Sprout Social and Asana.
  7. Optimized and created new communications streams between our marketing team and community mods so we can provide them with in-depth information that they can share with community members on a daily and weekly basis.
  8. On the right track to having our in-house marketing fully functional by end of the month. This will result in being back in a very healthy position without us having to waste any money.

Business Development

  1. Continuing to establish relationships with the world's top real estate brokers in our target regions.
  2. Nima is in friendly talks with an incredible star NFL athlete… I’ll leave it at that and let him share updates on progress.



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