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5 min readAug 31, 2022


The time has finally come to share the KEYS Metaverse Alpha with our powerful community. In the nine months since the launch of KEYS Token we have achieved immense milestones as a collective, each of which has led us to this point: being the first metaverse in web3 to deliver a playable, streamed experience accessible on all devices.

A Truly Groundbreaking Metaverse

Over the last six months, KEYS has cherry-picked some of the best artists, engineers, and game developers in the world to create the Proprietary KEYS Metaverse Engine. Our engine is completely device agnostic and delivers AAA, Hollywood-quality graphics to users via a link in any browser. In layman’s terms, anyone with an internet connection and a device capable of opening a website can access the KEYS Metaverse.

Our Proprietary Metaverse Engine in combination with the release of the KEYS Metaverse Alpha makes KEYS the first in Web3, and one of five companies in the world outside of Web3 to deliver a playable, streamed metaverse experience accessible on all devices. Companies outside of Web3 to publicly deliver a similar product include Google Stadia, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Amazon Luna, and Nvidia GeForce Now.

To ensure the creation of a truly groundbreaking and differentiated metaverse platform we have developed the KEYS Metaverse Alpha around three core pillars. Here’s how they set us apart from all other metaverse projects today:


The KEYS Metaverse Alpha is accessible directly via a link without any app download on desktop, mobile, and tablets by leveraging the Proprietary KEYS Metaverse Engine. This allows the KEYS Metaverse to be hyper-accessible, easy to share and reach billions of people worldwide with essentially no barrier to entry.

KEYS Metaverse Alpha Entry & Customization Tools Video.

Ultra-Real Graphics

To deliver the most immersive, photo-realistic experiences to our users the entire KEYS Metaverse Alpha was built in Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), making KEYS one of the first streamed Web3–UE5 experiences. Gone are the days of low-poly, voxel-based metaverses.

In-Game Screenshots of KEYS Metaverse Alpha.

To build the massive world featured in our Alpha, we have leveraged all of Unreal Engine 5’s new state-of-the-art features:

  1. Lumen: Lumen is Unreal Engine 5’s fully dynamic global illumination and reflections system. (video)
  2. Nanite: UE5’s new virtualized geometry system which uses a new internal mesh format and rendering technology to render pixel scale detail and high object counts. (video)

Creator Empowerment

The KEYS Metaverse Alpha has been designed as a platform to empower creators of all experience levels through creator and customization tools. Using these tools in tandem with the Mercury Marketplace (in development) creators/users can:

  1. Customize your Meta Mansion interior(s) with your personal NFT collection(s).
  2. Change furniture layouts.
  3. Swap furniture within layouts.
  4. Change the materials and colors of walls, floors, and furniture.
  5. Import customizable 3D assets that can be bought and traded as NFTs.

Each of these tools empowers creators to showcase their work and grow business by monetizing their creations. Watch the KEYS Metaverse Customization tools in action:

KEYS Metaverse Alpha Entry & Customization Tools Video.

Alpha Rollout Plan

September UAT & Feedback

Throughout the month of September, our team will be engaged in active UAT and feedback sessions with select community members to ensure the best possible experience for the public Alpha launch. During this month we expect to collect feedback and data on the following:

  • Navigation systems and controls.
  • Customization UI/UX.
  • Latency from worldwide regions.
  • Overall subjective feedback on how usable and intuitive the KEYS Metaverse Alpha is.
  • Bugs that only occur when opening the metaverse to a large group of people.

September Developments

Throughout September we will also be developing some exciting features for the public Alpha Launch:

  • Worldwide Availability: We are working with our cloud provider to co-locate servers in global regions so the entire community can have the best Metaverse streaming experience.
  • Treasure Hunt: A community event focused on discovering and exploring the KEYS Metaverse Alpha. Complete all the challenges for a surprise! More details to come in September.
  • NFT Integration: Personalize the KEYS Metaverse Alpha using NFTs you already own. We will be hand-selecting NFT to integrate with customization tools in the Alpha. More details to come in September.
  • Mercury Integration Infrastructure: Our goal is to ensure all products in the KEYS ecosystem are interconnected. We will be setting up all the required infrastructure for Mercury Marketplace integrations in the KEYS Metaverse Alpha to ensure instant interoperability upon launch.
  • Fair Metaverse Launch: We will create a system that will provide fair access to our community based on contribution to the project. We are working with our advisors and select community members to come up with a system for a fair Metaverse launch since every person that enters the metaverse essentially gets their own supercomputer. We want to design the rules to provide fair access while allocating resources efficiently.

Post-September Public Alpha Launch

Once our team has implemented changes based on UAT and feedback sessions and completed all developments outlined for September KEYS will open the Metaverse Alpha to the full KEYS community.

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