Residential Plot Map Released; home of Meta Mansions, and the first step towards commercial zone.

KEYS Metaverse
3 min readDec 21, 2023

The world of virtual real estate is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and KEYS Metaverse is positioned at the forefront of this revolution.

Today marks a significant milestone in our journey as we unveil the Residential Plot Map consisting of 8,888 land plots, home to Meta Mansions, and we pave the way for the upcoming commercial zone.

This release isn’t just about digital land; it’s about creating a new realm of possibilities, interactivity, and monetization in the KEYS Metaverse.

The Dawn of a New Era in Real Estate

Our Residential Plot Map is a testament to innovation and creative vision. With 8,888 meta mansions, each plot is a gateway to a unique digital lifestyle, offering more than just virtual space — it’s an immersive experience that unites people from all around the world in one location. Meta Mansions are the first step towards a larger, more integrated commercial zone, setting the stage for a vibrant economy. Our team has been focused on product development and committed to improving the KEYS Ecosystem infastructure during the bear market; a commitment that will play a large role in project growth as the markets turn bullish. Real Estate has always been the focal point of the KEYS Ecosystem, and the next phase of user activities leads to gaming & trading, powered by KEYS Token.

Unveiling the 3 Levels: Silver, Gold, and Diamond/Platinum

In the KEYS Metaverse, every plot is a treasure. We’ve introduced a classification system where each biome environment harbors precious metals and rare gemstones:

  • Level 1: Silver — Explore the mystique of our Silver based level 1 biomes.
  • Level 2: Gold — Embrace traditions in our Gold based level 2 biomes, a haven for virtual gold diggers.
  • Level 3: Diamond / Platinum — For the ultimate in luxury and rarity, our Diamond and Platinum environments offer unmatched prestige and unique user activities unavailable to other levels.

This innovative approach to virtual land classification not only adds an element of adventure and discovery but also influences the user activities and desirability of each plot, enhancing the monetization potential.

The Most Interactive Plot Map Ever Created

Our commitment to creating an engaging and interactive environment is evident in the plot map design and functions. Every inch of the KEYS Metaverse is crafted to provide an interactive experience, where every plot, every mansion, is a new world to explore.

The dynamic nature of our plot map invites users to engage, socialize, and create, making it much more than just a virtual space.

It’s a playground of possibilities with limited supply.

The question we’ve all been waiting for.. ‘Where is my Meta Mansion located’ has finally found it’s home.

Next stop: pairing Meta Mansions on the plot map.

Thanks for your time! See you in 2024 :)



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