Q3 Has Arrived: A Time for Growth and Exciting Milestones at KEYS.

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3 min readJul 2, 2023

We are thrilled to be standing on the edge of a groundbreaking quarter.

It’s time to execute a game plan that is filled with potential and we cannot wait to see it come to fruition.

As proud pioneers in this decentralized universe, we are setting our sights high on the innovation that the future brings. Every quarter paints a new page in our journey towards building a real estate centric metaverse, and as we step into Q3, let’s ignite the flame of excitement as we unravel our upcoming milestones.

Plot Map Concept and Interactive Features

One of our primary milestones for this quarter involves bringing to life an interactive plot map concept which will include unique features linked to Meta Mansion biomes. This will allow our community to dive deeper into the experience of the metaverse, exploring and interacting with their surroundings in exciting new ways, and most notably, new user interactions that we believe will propel community feedback.

AI Tools for Metaverse Development

In Q3, we will also be immersing ourselves in the exploration of AI tools for metaverse development to work faster and smarter. As we dive deeper into this realm, we aim to ensure that our users experience a seamlessly integrated, hyper-realistic metaverse. As you know, we are building on the worlds most detailed game engine; Unreal Engine 5, and it is our priority to explore tools to accelerate our development processes with effeciency.

Implementing Community Feedback

We always listen, always evolving. As we shape and develop our Meta Mansions and parallel products, your voice matters. Your feedback and insights are what help us refine the overall experience and important decisions to move forward bigger and better, so expect to see a more immersive, engaging, and personalized feedback loop in the coming months.

New Partnerships for KEYS Token

We are also excited to forge three new partnerships in the Middle East, expanding the scope and influence of KEYS Token. These collaborations not only extend our reach but also help strengthen the use-case scenarios for our token, focused on adding more value for our holders.

Project Mercury Upgrade

The hiring process for Project Mercury is now in full swing. This project holds immense potential, promising to deliver an upgraded marketplace linked to the metaverse, the worlds first web3 real estate marketplace linked to an immersive experience in Meta Mansions. Our new team of top-tier talent is set to bring forth a revolution, making our KEYS Token even more integral and valuable as part of our ecosystem.

KEYS Token Governance Launch

For Q3, we also have the launch of KEYS Token Governance planned and ready to go live. This will put the power in the hands of our community, giving you the ability to propose, discuss, and vote on the future developments of our project and priorities.

KEYS Miami Event

We are also organizing a holders-only event, KEYS Miami, a dynamic networking opportunity for the KEYS community to interact and meet in person. Additionally, we are set to make the public launch of KEYCard Ventures, a significant step forward in our journey.

All these endeavors are aimed at integrating our KEYS Token community into various aspects of the metaverse, thereby increasing its utility. Access, benefits, and now added utility — Project Mercury is set to make our token more useful than ever, which we will begin exposing in upcoming public statements.

We’re stepping into Q3 one day at a time, sticking firmly to our game plan regardless of external factors and conditions. We are in the midst of an exciting journey, an odyssey that is driven by innovation, steered by community, and fueled by ambition.

And while our journey is ambitious, it’s our committed community that makes all the difference. It’s you, our explorers of the metaverse, who inspire us to constantly push our boundaries and seek out the stars.

So, let’s charge into Q3 with momentum and unwavering enthusiasm. Together, we will shape KEYS as a metaverse that exceeds possibilities.

Stay tuned for an exciting quarter ahead. The future of $KEYS has never been brighter after a rollercoaster journey in our first 20 months.

Here’s to the journey ahead, one day at a time.

Thank you for reading!



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