Q1 2024 KEYS Dev Update; Pioneering the Convergence of Real-World Assets and the Metaverse.

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5 min readApr 4, 2024

Our journey in Quarter 1 of 2024 has been marked by significant achievements and completion of our priority list for Q1, setting the stage for rapid development in Q2 and remainder of 2024.

KEYS Token: A Priority for Metaverse and Marketplace

The cornerstone of our Q1 2024 initiatives has been the seamless integration of the KEYS token across our platform, especially within the realms of the metaverse and our real estate marketplace. This strategic focus ensures that KEYS token remains at the forefront of our ecosystem, providing users with access, benefits, and secure means of transactions on our platform. By enhancing the token’s utility, we’ve laid a solid foundation for the token’s increased adoption and value in our ecosystem, underscoring our commitment to the tokenomics that drive our platform’s growth and the broader blockchain community’s prosperity.

We are also excited to share that our team is in touch with Coinbase to potentially merge the KEYS Token Smart Contract onto BASE — a new layer2 protocol which aims to make transactions faster while leveraging the security of the Ethereum mainnet. We are taking all measures to ensure this is the right decision before moving forward.

Bridging Real-World Assets into Meta Mansions Virtual Spaces

An important development in February and March of 2024 has been the integration of real-world assets into our Meta Mansions virtual spaces. This innovative leap forward enriches the virtual experience with tangible value and also pioneers the fusion of physical and digital asset connections. Users can benefit beyond virtual experiences by discovering and trading real world assets inside Meta Mansions, and businesses can benefit by showcasing, trading, and leveraging real-world assets within Meta Mansion Spaces. Our team is excited to continue development on these tools, unlocking the first series of RWA integration into the KEYS Platforms. The top 2 priorities for asset integration are furniture and art with easy to use tools for businesses and users. Furthermore, Meta Mansion Spaces will include built-in monetization tools for owners, allowing them to conduct business activities that earn rewards. The UI/UX of the metaverse will now include the ability to ‘trade’ specific metaverse items through our marketplace, an important addition to our platform that brings commercial value. These activities will be further defined through feedback loops with our community members, and a series of meetings with business advisors that are specialized in scaling platform users and revenue.

Expanding Our Ecosystem: Strategic Partnerships

Our vision of a comprehensive and interconnected digital ecosystem has been growing with strategic partnerships with various leading crypto projects and new metaverse hardware products including the Apple Vision Pro. These collaborations are instrumental in broadening our network and community size, enhancing the KEYS platform’s value proposition. By joining forces with like-minded projects and new products that bring users to virtual experiences, we are not just expanding our user base but also enriching our ecosystem with diverse offerings and opportunities, paving the way for a more inclusive and versatile digital economy. We do believe that mobile-first users are our top priority right now, which is where the majority of attention resides in today’s world; but we also listen to our community and watch new trends arise that bring new opportunities, and the integration of KEYS into Apple Vision Pro is a task that is already on our to-do list, with progress made in Q1.

Plot Map Completion (after completing ALL biomes & bases).

The completion of the Plot Map Portal is a big accomplishment because there were so many tasks that needed to be completed for us to be able to move past this stage; and we finally did. The KEYS Metaverse Plot Map is equipped with an innovative code system for plot mapping, marking a significant milestone in our quest to revolutionize the virtual real estate domains. Meta Mansion locations in the residential zone are now defined, enhancing transparency, security, and ease of access for our users. By introducing a cutting-edge coding system for the Plot Map Potal, we are setting new standards in the virtual real estate market, making ownership more accessible, secure, and transparent for everyone involved. In order to remove unnecessary costs with gas fees, we will not be conducting a ‘select your meta mansion location’ experiment for all holders; however, KEYCard V1 & MAMBA level KEYS token holders will be able to select the location of their Meta Mansions on the Plot Map. This is one of the exclusive benefits of being a MAMBA level in the LoyalKEY program.

Looking Ahead: KEYS Growth, Meta Mansions Access, and Activities in Q2

As we transition into the second quarter of 2024, our focus will pivot towards Meta Mansions access and relaunching marketing efforts to bring new eyes to KEYS Token. We strongly believe the work we have done in the last 2 years will have long-lasting benefits for our community and products, bringing a deep sense of commitment from our team to many people who did not believe this project would last this long.

The one product that is set to release with a big marketing campaign is our marketplace, the 4th and final stage of the KEYS roadmap; and the integration of real world assets is going to bring a new level of value for KEYS Token. As fast as we want to move to bring this product to market, we understand the importance of this venture and need to ensure we have the right development team and marketing plan in place for a meaningful impact.

The first quarter of 2024 has set a formidable pace for innovation and development within the KEYS ecosystem. As we forge ahead, our commitment to integrating the digital with the tangible, expanding our partnerships, and enhancing our platform’s utility remains unwavering. We are excited for what the future holds and are deeply grateful for the continued support of our community.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being an integral part of our journey.



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