Phase II Meta Mansions Airdrop | July 18, 2022

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3 min readJul 18, 2022


The day has finally come, it is time for the Phase II Meta Mansions airdrop! As we all eagerly await to set eyes on our new mansions, here is everything you need to know:

How do I qualify for the Meta Mansions Phase II Airdrop?
As long as you are holding at least one Meta Mansion in your wallet that was either minted or purchased on the secondary market when we take the snapshot on July 18, 2022, you’re all set. You do not have to register your wallet, sign up, or link your wallet to any sites. Please be conscious of phishing schemes.

How many Meta Mansions will I be airdropped?
If you meet the qualification criteria you will receive one Phase II mansion for every Phase I mansion you are holding in your on-chain wallet when the snapshot is taken.

When is the snapshot being taken?
The snapshot will be taken at 11 am PDT on July 18, 2022.

How long will it take for me to receive my Meta Mansion(s)?
The airdrop process will take some time as our team will be sending the mansions out in batches. Please do not worry if you cannot see your new mansions right after the snapshot, it may take a few hours to show up in your wallet.

Where can I find the Meta Mansion(s) that have been airdropped to me?
Once your new mansions have been sent you will be able to find them in the same on-chain wallet that was holding Phase I Meta Mansions. In order to view them, you can use an NFT exchange such as Open Sea.

Will my airdropped mansions be revealed?
Yes, all Phase II Meta Mansions will be revealed when you receive them.

Do my Phase I Meta Mansions have any correlation to the rarity and attributes of my airdrop?
No, not at all. The airdrop will be completely random, meaning you might just get lucky!

How is the KEYS team dealing with stolen/hacked mansions?
We have done our best to track all stolen/hacked mansions to their final destination and have blacklisted these addresses.

Will my Phase II mansions be a part of the same collection as Phase I mansions on OpenSea?
Yes, both Phase I and Phase II Meta Mansions will appear under the original Meta Mansions collection on OpenSea.

I am a Phase I holder, do my Phase I benefits still apply after the Phase II airdrop?
Yes, as long as you are holding a Phase I Meta Mansion when the snapshot is taken you will qualify for the Phase I benefits.

If I buy a Phase I Meta Mansion after the Phase II airdrop do I qualify for the Phase I benefits?
No, we will be using the addresses from the snapshot to save and record addresses that were holding Phase I Meta Mansions. Holders of Phase I mansions on July 18, 2022, at 11 am PDT will be the only addresses that have access to Phase I benefits from now on.

Now that all your questions have been answered, it’s time to sit back and wait to receive your new mansion(s)! Our community is extremely excited to see the beauty hidden in Phase II, so be sure to join our Discord community and share your new Meta Mansions with your fellow residents.

Happy airdropping!



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