KEYS.XYZ Website Updates | September 15, 2022

Core Pillars Section

The KEYS Metaverse is built on three core differentiating pillars, accessibility, quality, and creator empowerment. To ensure maximum clarity on our mission we have added a “Core Pillars” section below the “Hero” section on the home page. Core Pillars Section

Clickable Content Animations

Clickable content animations have been added to all buttons on the home page to ensure the most intuitive user experience.

Clickable Content Animations

Updated Burn Tracker

We have revitalized the KEYS Token burn tracker page. Viewers will find statistics for Total Burn, Circulating Supply, KEYS Token Price, and links to previous KEYS Token burn Medium articles. Burn Tracker Page

Learn More Section

Added a “Learn More” section to the home page to direct viewers to learn more section

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KEYS Metaverse

KEYS Metaverse


A real-estate-centric open metaverse focused on empowering creators by creating accessible and immersive user experiences.