KEYS Token Utility Update

KEYS Metaverse
3 min readApr 9, 2023

KEYS Token is a utility token with a total 1B supply.

The true purpose of KEYS as a utility token is to provide holder benefits, facilitate transactions, interactions, and value exchange within a virtual environment AKA KEYS metaverse.

In simple terms, the more KEYS you hold, the more benefits you gain.

This is a loyalty program called LoyalKEY.

KEYS plays an essential role in the functioning and development of the metaverse ecosystem by serving multiple purposes:

  1. Access and Membership: KEYS grants access to NFT collections, exclusive areas, events, and activities within the metaverse, and membership in our community. Holding a certain amount of KEYS provides users with special privileges, such as entry to VIP areas, early access to new features, and discounts on virtual & physical goods and services related to KEYS.
  2. Digital Currency: KEYS can be used as a medium of exchange for purchasing virtual goods, services, and assets within the KEYS Metaverse with future plans to expand utility into other metaverse experiences. KEYS enables users to buy, sell, or trade items such as virtual real estate, vehicles, clothing, and many other collectibles.
  3. Governance: KEYS DAO allows token holders to participate in the decision-making pross for the development and management of the KEYS Metaverse. KEYS Token holders can vote on proposals, updates, anchanges to the platform’s rules and features. 1 KEYS Token = 1 Vote.
  4. Incentives and Rewards: KEYS tokens can be used to incentivize and reward users for their contributions to the platform and community leadership. This wil include content creation, participation in events, competitive gaming activities, or other user activities that help build and maintain the KEYS Metaverse ecosystem.
  5. Staking and Farming: KEYS tokens allow users to stake their tokens or participate in yield generation programs. By locking up KEYS tokens, users can earn rewards, such as additional tokens or other rewards such as NFT collectibles.
  6. Cross-platform Interoperability: In the future, KEYS aims to become a multi-platform metaverse utility token that can facilitate interoperability between different metaverse platforms and applications. Users can use the same token to interact with various virtual environments, enabling seamless transactions and value exchange across the broader metaverse ecosystem. This plays a key factor in scaling into the entire global real estate ecosystem through strategic partnerships with premium platforms.
  7. Unique Benefits & Discounts: KEYS holders receive unique offers from ecosystem partners and get priority access on exclusive rentals and listings. The KEYS Partner Program focuses on creating unique value for holders based on their loyalKEY tiers, providing them discounted rates on hotels, resorts, restaurants, and selected products and services relevant to KEYS. This branch of KEYS will expand as the ecosystem grows and the commercial zone releases, inviting businesses to enter the KEYS ecosystem.

We believe the metaverse at its best will enhance real world experiences including the ability to facilitate transactions in a new way, and by using advanced technologies such as blockchain as well as virtual environments, real estate sector participants are going to have a completely new way of conducting business from discovery to relationship building to point of sale and also the facilitation of that transaction.

KEYS was created to begin the journey towards a better way to conduct business in the real estate sector, and in exchange disrupt an industry that has remained unchanged for centuries.

Thank you and happy Easter!



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