KEYS Metaverse Private Alpha Access–Qualification & Info

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3 min readSep 1, 2022

The news is out, and the KEYS Metaverse Private Alpha is right around the corner. Throughout the month of September, KEYS will be engaged in active UAT and feedback sessions with the following community groups to ensure the best possible experience for the public Alpha launch:

  1. KEYCard Holders
  2. MAXI Mambas
  3. MEGA Mambas
  4. Mambas

In order to maximize learnings from the Private Alpha, we will be providing two ways for our private alpha candidates to enter the KEYS Metaverse:

  1. Full UAT Mode: We will provide a reservation system that will allow you to schedule your metaverse session and have our entire team on the call to guide you through the experience and collect your feedback in real time. If the user allows it, we’ll share some of these first-hand experiences with the rest of the community
  2. Self-service Mode: We will whitelist your chosen wallet access and you can access the metaverse whenever you want on your own time. The only caveat is that your session might end expectedly as the fair metaverse launch rules aren’t defined or if a scheduled UAT session requires your server. Please use the UAT reservation system to ensure a better-guided experience.

Full UAT Mode will be live and ready for qualified users to access as of September 6th, 2022 at 12:00pm PDT. Self-Service Mode will be live and ready for qualified users to access as of September 8th, 2022 at 12:00pm PDT.

For those who qualify to participate in the KEYS Metaverse Private Alpha, our team would like to highlight the following constraints that we’re aiming to resolve in the month of September.

Cloud Capacity:

While we are working with our cloud provider to attain additional GPU server capacity worldwide, at this point in time KEYS has been granted server capacity on the West Coast of North America. We’re confident in providing worldwide capacity in the month of September; however, users attempting to connect from other global regions, particularly those in different continents, will experience more latency than those in NA West.

The KEYS Metaverse is currently reliant on a centralized cloud provider given decentralized cloud providers do not currently support the GPUs required to run our AAA-quality metaverse. However, our team is closely monitoring promising decentralized options (ie. Akash) for migration as soon as possible. Cloud capacity is the main reason we are unable to launch the KEYS Metaverse Public Alpha in September. Decentralized cloud providers would mitigate this issue.

Fair Metaverse Launch Rules:

These rules are still being ironed out, so Private Alpha users may have their session interrupted unexpectedly if we need to redeploy your server to meet the demands of other community members. In the future, your metaverse session will be guaranteed by more established rules based on your community contribution.

I Qualify, How Do I Register?

Forms will be sent out on the KEYS Metaverse Discord to collect device and wallet information from all community members who qualify for the KEYS Metaverse Private Alpha.

While our entire team has been working around the clock to meet our Alpha Launch deadline, we also recognize and take full responsibility for confusion and gaps in communication regarding the KEYS Metaverse Alpha rollout strategy.

To the KEYS community, thank you all for your feedback on our recent announcement. We always hear you loud and clear and deeply consider your comments to implement necessary changes. KEYS will always continue pushing the needle to deliver on our commitments and position the KEYS Metaverse as an industry leader. We look forward to sharing the KEYS Metaverse Alpha with our supportive community throughout September and the coming months.



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