KEYS Metaverse —Monthly Update: July 2022

KEYS Metaverse
4 min readAug 5, 2022

Today is the first KEYS Monthly Update summarizing the highlights of our past month. We made a lot of progress, achieved significant milestones, and gained a lot of momentum. August looks to add to a lot of the strength we’ve accumulated and the months ahead are looking very strong for our project. Below is a list of some of the bigger accomplishments throughout July.

MetaMansions Airdrop

On Monday, July 18, the KEYS team and community celebrated our 8-month anniversary by holding our Phase 2 Meta Mansion Airdrop where we gave our Meta Mansion holders 4444 Meta Mansions worth over 3900 ETH! The airdrop ran flawlessly using a smart and efficient contract created by our Development team led by our CTO, Daniel Kantor, that only used 1.87 ETH in total for the entire airdrop.

Maxi Staking

The KEYS team unveiled a huge new update to our KEYS Token staking platform on July 8. Our groundbreaking MAXI Staking upgrade pushes staking to a whole new level and is a revolution in what a staking platform can be. Be sure to read the detailed Medium article outlining all the exciting details.

Right Click, Save Podcast

Our CPO, Noah Kent, was the featured guest on the Right Click, Save NFT Podcast, where he spoke about the KEYS approach to developing a Metaverse and how a community-driven project is necessary for success in this space. This podcast has the top names in the NFT world so be sure to check it out on Youtube.

Crypto & Real Estate: The Industry Evolution

This prestigious event took place at the Waldorf Astoria in Miami on July 30. KEYS Metaverse CPO, Noah Kent, along with Kobi Karp, President and CEO of Kobi Karp Architecture Interior Design and Partner Architect with Meta Mansions, spoke along with other influential leaders in the crypto and real estate industries. Our CEO, Nima Ghassemi, was there as well to help answer questions and educate the crowd on what our team is building.

Wolf Financial Twitter Space

Our CPO, Noah Kent, had an incredible Twitter Space with the one and only @WOLF_Financial, who has over 80k followers on Twitter with really great engagement. You can catch the replay here, it’s well worth checking out as Noah gave some great insight on our project, roadmap, and the metaverse real estate sector itself.

Avatar Integrations Unveiled

KEYS Metaverse in-game footage was released that includes avatar integrations, including CloneX and Meebits avatars rendered in our 3D KEYS Metaverse.

Metaverse Development Update 008

For Metaverse Development Update 008, the team focused on creating the bedroom and closet space. We also integrated an @RTFKT Clone X #12541 inside our Meta Mansions private NFT showroom — The first of many 3D Avatars to join the KEYS Metaverse. The video linked below shows just how great our lifelike Metaverse makes avatars like CloneX truly shine. Make sure to watch the video and tell us what you think!

Metaverse Development Update 009

This MDU update focused on the utility and business value that comes with the Meta Mansions office space. The possibilities for scale and location are limitless in the KESY Metaverse, and the implications this has for business are profound. We also had a special guest integration of a Meebits avatar fully rendered in our KEYS Metaverse. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts.

KEYCard V1

Huge milestones were made in July for KEYCard V1, including achieving a 10X floor price from our initial mint price of 0.18 ETH! The current floor price is 9.5 ETH, so we are still well above that 10X mark.

We also delivered our beautiful physical KEYCards to our holders, which are sure to become a prized collectible for many years to come.

Mykonos Giveaway

The KEYS team gave away an all-inclusive trip to Mykonos, including $5000 USD in spending moneyfor a lucky KEYCard V1 holder. Our KEYCard V1 community is very special to us and giving back to them via giveaways like this is just one of the many perks for this exclusive club. You can find out more about KEYCard and see the participating partners and benefits here:

KEYS Eco-System Trending on Open Sea

We headed into the month of July in a major way by trending on OpenSea for Utility for both MetaMansions and KEYCard V1!

Meta Mansions

It was a huge month for Meta Mansions with the release of our 4444 Phase 2 Meta Mansions. July included over 330 transactions at over 270 ETH volume — a huge achievement for our team and community.

Top Meta Mansions Sales for the Month of July:

3.4 ETH — Level I La Caida del Agua Meta Mansion in the Desert Biome

3.1 ETH — Level 3 Ca La Vi Meta Mansion in the Desert Biome

3 ETH — Level III Mamba Meta Mansion in the Desert Biome

3 ETH — Level I Tresor Meta Mansion in the Desert Biome

2.41 ETH — Level II Dolce Meta Mansion in the Island Biome

2.3 ETH — Level I Dolce Meta Mansion in the Island Biome

2.25 ETH — Level 3 La Caida del Agua Cosmos in the Ice Biome

2.25 ETH — Level 3 La Caida del Agua Cosmos in the Ice Biome

2.22 ETH — Level 3 La Caida del Agua Cosmos in the Jungle Biome

2.199 ETH — Level 2 Tresor Mansion in the Forest Biome

As you can see, we had a lot of updates throughout July and things are only going to get busier from here. In August, we unveil our Single Player Experience in the KEYS Metaverse, which will revolutionize real estate and the entire Metaverse landscape.

Be sure to join our Discord for the news as it happens and to get all the information you need about the KEYS Metaverse.



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