KEYS Community Update 2023

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3 min readFeb 14, 2023

First and foremost, happy Valentines day! A lot has happened with KEYS ecosystem since our last update on Medium, so let’s dive right in and catch up on the latest news and development progress:

KEYS Token utilities have been accumilating on our loyalKEY program which enables holders to recieve unique access and benefits based on the amount of KEYS they hold. One of those benefits was early access to the KEYS Metaverse ALPHA. In addition, we’ve released a KEYS 2023 roadmap that outlines the top priorities for the year:

These priorities include governance, expansion, A.I. powered products, KEYS Events, and phygital integration. These goals all add value to the loyalKEY tiers and provide meaningful value for holders that have been patiently holding KEYS.

From a development standpoint, we’ve had our head down working for many months: KEYS Metaverse ALPHA launched with great success as a first version of our metaverse experience, the world’s first web3 real etsate centric metaverse built on Unreal Engine 5 leveraging pixel streaming technology to bring accessibility to majority of devices, worldwide. Our community had a chance to step inside a Meta Mansion on the Island Biome directly through and experience life inside the KEYS Metaverse for themselves. We collected a tremendous amount of feedback and are in the process of making updates and improvements in every aspect based on our community feedback, which was well appreciated!

The KEYS Metaverse ALPHA was an important product launch for many reasons; not only did we spend millions of dollars on development and hired the best talent available in the world to help us create this first ALPHA version of our metaverse, we also set the foundation for 1 of 3 main utilities for META MANSIONS NFT’s, which was customization tools. Customization plays a key role in our metaverse due to it’s integration with real life assets as well as user experience; Meta Mansion holders had a chance to imagine the possibilities of customizing floors, walls, furniture materials, and art displayed on our 2D display spaces which leads us to the next most important project on the table; the monetization tools: the ability for Meta Mansion NFT holders to monetize their NFT using spaces and tools provided on our platform. This is a very critical point that we’ve been able to reach as a project that launched less than 1 year ago.

It’s important to note; the vision of integrating KEYS Token and Meta Mansions comes to life with our marketplace, uniting our ecosystem under one roof. One of the most exciting and important aspects of our marketplace is the phygital integration of real world assets including real estate, which we plan to organize strategically on our luxury asset exchange.

In addition, we accumilated a tremendous amount of attention from high profile web3 investors in the Middle East region who were watching closely to see if we deliver on our promises. Not only did we deliver, we unlocked new opporunities for business integration with our creator tools that are being worked on this year. Through our strategic partnership with Crypto Oasis, we have been able to build a vast network of web3 partnerships in the Middle East, and this is a very promising matter for our entire ecosystem.

Furthermore, our talented team consists of experts in the artificial intelligence field which has taken off this year. We plan to integrate A.I. products into our ecosystem in various ways and have been ideating with our core team for many weeks in the new year. Our team is focused on improving our existing products, growing our community, and establishing new pillars for business expansion and added value for holders.

Join us this Thursday, February 16, 2023 for a LIVE KEYS Community update with our CEO & CMO to catch up on the latest news with KEYS.



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