Introducing a new LoyalKEY Level: MAXI Mamba.

KEYS Metaverse
2 min readAug 28, 2022


The 8th and highest LoyalKEY tier is confirmed; KEYS has unveiled the final LoyalKEY Tier, Maxi Mamba, available to community members holding 8,000,000+ KEYS. All KEYCard V1 benefits have been updated to reflect those of the new MAXI Mamba LoyalKEY tier.

Furthermore, for the holders who do not qualify as a MAXI Mamba, we have engaged in a full refresh of benefits for all LoyalKEY tiers. Benefits include access to exclusive NFT airdrops and claims, early access to KEYS products, access to private and exclusive events and networks, discounts, and more.

The new MAXI Mamba tier and all new LoyalKEY benefits can be viewed on the new KEYS Metaverse website at

MAXI Mamba Benefits include:

4 airdrops of all future KEYS NFT collections

100% platform fee discount across all products

First glimpse access to newly released KEYS NFT collections

Maxi Mamba badge within the KEYS ecosystem

First glimpse access to the KEYS Metaverse Alpha

Access to exclusive areas of the KEYS Metaverse

Access to exclusive channels on Discord for enhanced networking and team engagement

Access to/use of the KEYS marketing network

Direct access to KEYS core team

Maxi Mamba role in Discord

Access to the general community for networking and KEYS distributed information

Access to KEYS product ideation cycles

Participation in UAT throughout the development cycles of new products

First glance access to KEYS products upon production release

VIP access to all virtual events

VIP access to all IRL event

Priority access to exclusive giveaways

Priority access to 3rd party collaboration giveaways

Discounted price for KEYS merchandise



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