Business in a Meta Mansion, the KEYS Metaverse redefines what an ‘office’ boardroom means with the latest MDU.

Let’s zoom out and focus on the bigger picture. The KEYS Metaverse has developed the first iteration of a Meta Mansion office space, and although it consists of numerous customizable elements and revenue generating spaces, it is truly a one of a kind experience seeing it on video.

On a side note, is that a MEEBIT? And custom Meta Mansion inspired furniture and ceiling design? And Ramtin Nosrati’s newest development in a 3D rotating screen on top of the boardroom.. hold up. I need to watch that video again.

Now imagine the possibilities when the gameplay experience is live and you are able to walk around, discover items and 3D avatars for sale, discover real estate listings, perform certain business activities such as meetings around the boardroom table, take notes on a KEYS digital paper, search the KEYS ecosystem on digital devices, discover and shop items on the shelves, and a few more surprises coming on the next update that are exclusive to MAMBA’s and KEYCard V1 holders. As a reminder, this iteration is simply an example of what the possibilities are, and our creator tools will allow users to build their own office, benefit with own utilities, experience a new way to interact and socialize with products and services, and scale their business in a way that was deemed impossible before Meta Mansions.

This MDU is one that will pave the way to redefining how business is done in the KEYS Metaverse, see it for yourself below:



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