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4 min readAug 27, 2022

The news is real with KEYS’ latest acquisition of, securing the brand's most valuable asset and establishing the new hub of the KEYS Metaverse ecosystem. This acquisition marks the beginning of a monumental new chapter for KEYS, our product ecosystem, our culture, and our community.

Please keep in mind the KEYS Metaverse will be accessible directly via a link, making the central touchpoint between our community and product ecosystem. As a real estate-focused metaverse project, is by far one of the most valuable digital real estate assets owned by the KEYS community. Let’s dive deeper.

Why choose .xyz over .com and .io?
KEYS is a Web3 Metaverse project with a focus on progressively redefining old practices and industry standards, an ethos that .xyz domains have commonly associated with in recent months. We chose .xyz because it symbolizes decentralization and the new wave of Web3 applications.

Where does fit into the KEYS Metaverse ecosystem?
As of August 28, 2022 will become the hub for the entire KEYS Metaverse, making our ecosystem more accessible and unified than ever before. All products, platforms, and experiences will be hosted through via subdomains. This includes the KEYS Metaverse Alpha, Project Mercury, the Staking and Farming Dashboard, the KEYCard Benefits Website, LoyalKEY, and more. As an example, users will be able to enter the KEYS Metaverse through, setting an entirely new standard in user experience and accessibility which are at the forefront of our priorities.

A new website?
To celebrate the acquisition of, we will be launching a new website for the KEYS Metaverse ecosystem on August 28, 2022. This website will serve as the single source of truth for the KEYS Metaverse ecosystem including accessing all KEYS products and platforms, staying up to date with the latest news, exploring our roadmap, finding information about our ecosystem, meeting the team, applying for jobs at KEYS, contacting us for partnerships and metaverse integration, and much more.

Home Home page.

The new KEYS Metaverse Home page is designed as a web-based game launcher, leveraging the true power of our Proprietary KEYS Metaverse Engine. Using their chosen internet browser, users will be able to instantly access the most important platforms in our ecosystem with the click of a button: the KEYS Metaverse Alpha, and Project Mercury. Gone are the days of downloading native applications to access immersive 3D/VR/AR/XR platforms.

News News page.

The News section provides community members and KEYS Metaverse supporters with an easy way to stay up to date with the latest news, updates, developments, partnerships, and events within the KEYS ecosystem. Clicking on an image will link users to the corresponding Medium article for more detailed information.

Roadmap Roadmap page.

The updated roadmap we’ve all been waiting for! After completing and delivering on all aspects of the original KEYS Roadmap, a refresh was long overdue. Pay close attention to what we have planned for the coming years, KEYS will continue to redefine the metaverse as we know it and you won’t want to miss it.

LoyalKEY LoyalKEY page.

The new KEYS Metaverse website also features a full refresh of benefits for all LoyalKEY tiers and introduces the final and highest LoyalKEY tier, MAXI Mamba. KEYS will continue to update the benefits included in each LoyalKEY tier as new developments are made within the KEYS Metaverse ecosystem.

Footer footer.

KEYS now has an email list! Sign up using the “GET THE LATEST” section on our footer to stay up to date on KEYS developments, NFT launches, events, giveaways, partnerships, and more.

Another notable addition in the footer is the KEYS Metaverse GitBook. Our new GitBook contains all information on existing products and platforms within the KEYS Metaverse ecosystem including usage instructions, FAQs, and more. Think of it as the KEYS Metaverse instruction manual. We will continue to update our GitBook as new developments are made within the KEYS Metaverse ecosystem.

What To Expect Moving Forward

Regular Website Updates:

In the coming months, the KEYS team will continue to add and refresh sections and pages to the KEYS Metaverse website including the Staking & Farming Dashboard, Burn Tracker, a “Getting Started” section and more.

Metaverse Integration:

As we begin providing our community access to the KEYS Metaverse Alpha, Home page will act as the entry point.

Mercury Integration:

We can’t say much yet but the Home page will soon become the entry point to Project Mercury.

August has been a very special month for us, and we will forever remember this acquisition as a major step forward toward achieving our goals.



KEYS Metaverse

A real-estate-centric open metaverse focused on empowering creators by creating accessible and immersive user experiences.