2024 is an important year at KEYS. Here is the roadmap and marketplace update.

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6 min readJan 3, 2024

2024 is the year we believe will establish KEYS as a true long-term player in the real estate cryptocurrency, metaverse, and gaming space.

Before we leap into our 2024 roadmap, let’s review what we’ve already accomplished in the last 2 years:

  • KEYS Token Launch as the utility token of the KEYS Metaverse with 1 billion total supply (6500+ holders worldwide) providing holders with unique access and benefits based on loyalKEY Tiers.
  • KEYCard V1 NFT Collection as the exclusive 118 Member Alpha Group and most active network in our ecosystem.
  • Meta Mansions NFT Collection consisting of 8,888 virtual mansions with 24 bases and 8 biomes, all of which have been completed on Unreal Engine 5 with top of the line gameplay quality.
  • KEYS Metaverse ALPHA as the world’s first ever playable NFT experience built on Unreal Engine 5 in partnership with world renown artists, architects, and game developers.
  • Completion of the residential plot map consisting of 8,888 plots of land broken into 8 biomes and 3 levels, marking the unique attributes of Meta Mansion levels and environments.

The home of the KEYS Metaverse got completed in December 2023, and we are ready to kick into the next gear in 2024.

Looking at the next 12 months, we know what our problems are, and the solutions are under investigation and development.

  1. Scalable server solution to create the best user experience and quality while managing costs per minute per user. This is a critical part of our 2024 roadmap as it will pave the way for multi-player activities and simultaneous experiences (such as events which is a major part of monetization). The advancement in artificial intelligence is also worth noting, as we have identified numerous ways that computer programs and machine learning can help us solve problems that used to be nearly impossible to scale.
  2. Community growth in new regions is also an on-going effort. We are looking at hiring marketing agencies and partnering with exchanges in new markets to drive new users to the KEYS Ecosystem. We appreciate the existing members and understand that our road to success will require feedback loops from our target user groups as well as a friendly environment that people can connect, earn, and experience. We have already begun our meetings with exchanges in Asian markets, and are making tremendous progress. With that being said, our top priority remains on product development in 2024, and community members will surely understand the need for a feasible product in order to drive meaningful user adoption and growth.
  3. In 2024, It’s time for your Meta Mansions to find it’s home on the KEYS Plot Map Portal; Q1 will consist of matching each Meta Mansion NFT to a plot of land. We are construcing a Plot Map Portal that will guide users to their desired location based on keywords; users can discover activities, events, games, and more as a feature on the Plot Map Portal. It’s important to note that current Meta Mansions already have a plot of land on them as labelled in the NFT images on Opensea, and it will be the commercial plots of land that get airdropped to Meta Mansion holders. Each Meta Mansion will reside according to their biome and level, with direct access through the KEYS Plot Map Portal. Each Meta Mansion will begin as a standalone server, not an open world concept, yet.
  4. One of our top goals in 2024 is to return the KEYS ALPHA Access and include more Meta Mansions. In 2022, we provided ALPHA access to around 2500 users, and we discovered that regardless of the high quality and immersiveness of the KEYS Metaverse; nobody cares about the looks. The most important factor for success are tools and unique features such as gameplay activities and actions that allow users to share moments, shop, and earn. This is a concept that will take time to build out, as it should because it is extremely valuable. In the meantime, we do plan on having more user-testing of all 24 meta mansions in level 1 biomes, which have already been built out. As previously mentioned, we are investigating new ways of providing access for multi-player activities, and have solutions prepared that may take time to convert from our current AWS server systems. This is one of the most important aspects of the KEYS Ecosystem, and leads to the next part of our roadmap.
  5. Gaming is one of the most undervalued activities in metaverse experiences and we learned this in 2023. Our vision for Meta Mansion Monetization goes far beyond customization tools and events; we want to create a platform that users can compete to earn rewards in real time, surrounded by friends in a 3D virtual world. Meta Mansions has the opportunity to become a revolutionary gaming platform interconnected with blockchain technology to reward holders and users in real time, with automated payouts on chain, transparent and immutable. The game concepts we’ve previously imagined and constructed are quite complicated, and one of our top priorities this year is to simplify and launch mini-games in order to establish our brand and begin improving through user testing rather than brainstorming. Gaming activities play a role in Meta Mansion monetization as well as KEYS Token integration, which leads us to the final piece of our 2024 roadmap.
  6. KEYS Token integration comes in many forms; holders have unique access and benefits in the KEYS ecosystem according to their loyalty tiers and we are constructing additional utilities that are directly linked to gameplay activities. The first element is integration into the mini-games we create; this will bring a new target holder group to our community and platform, as well as added benefits for existing holders through more competitive and rewarding activities. Secondly, access to exclusive spaces according to loyalKEY tiers, which integrates with both the gaming aspect as well as the commercial aspect of the KEYS Metaverse. One of the features we will create for our holders is ‘token-gated spaces’ where they can set the amount of KEYS a user must hold to be able to access that specific space (or game).

One additional product worth noting in development is the marketplace, which has transformed in recent months from an NFT marketplace at the beginning of our journey to a web3 marketplace that is integrated with real-world assets. We have had a number of meetings with real estate professionals, mainly developers, who are interested in learning how they can integrate their assets in the KEYS Metaverse and Marketplace. We truly believe that buying and selling assets will happen in a 3D virtual world in the near future, and the product concept we have to share with Meta Mansions is one of a kind. In addition, tokenization has been a topic that has been around us many times; we’ve met with other web3 start ups who are tokenizing real estate and interested to collaborate with KEYS. There will be numerous updates throughout 2024 about the marketplace, and our priorities are clear in regards to product development and steps forward.

2024 is an important year for KEYS due to the fact we’ve survived the challenges we faced in 2023 and kept the project moving forward and delivering real updates, namely the recent completion of all 24 meta mansions, 8 biomes, and residential plot map. With that part of our development complete, we are now well positioned to step into the next phase of value creation for our community in 2024 and establish KEYS as a leader in the real estate, metaverse, and gaming space.

We understand that building products people use and share are the key factors for our success this year (and beyond), and our team has never been more clear on our objectives.

As always, one step at a time, one day at a time, we welcome 2024 with clarity and focus.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you in upcoming weeks.



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