13 Meta Mansions Now Under Construction

KEYS Metaverse
2 min readDec 23, 2022



Meta Mansions is not just an NFT collection consisting of unique architectural designs brought into the metaverse as virtual mansions that can be customized and monetized; in fact, this is just the beginning of the story we are building for our community and holders.

The real proof of concept behind the scenes is our ability to verify real estate transactions on the blockchain, using the ethereum blockchain in this case. Meta Mansions is our MVP to share with real world architects, developers, real estate brokerages, furniture brands, businesses and brands who are interested to create a presence in the metaverse. This is not just a virtual presence, but a presence that connects their real world business and items into a fully immersive metaverse experience that is easy to access and hyperrealistic, giving the user a real-life feeling with the ultimate purpose of facilitating transactions.

As we integrate businesses into Meta Mansions, we unlock a plethora of new opportunities for utilities in the KEYS Metaverse overall, integrated with real world assets including but not limited to real estate. If you think of web2 and social media right now, it got massive attention once people realized it can be a perfect way to communicate with content and sell products/services online, and here we go into the next era of this exact concept.

13 Meta Mansions are now under construction on the Island Biome, going through a process that includes professional conversion, resizing to maximize utility spaces, construction to add elements to match the NFT images and metadata, materials and texture integration, and last but not least, lighting and biome integration.

This is no easy task, the same way that building a real world mansion consists of various steps you need to go through alongside overcoming numerous challenges with the build. Now imagine designing and building 13 mansions at one time, each one with it’s own complexities.

The difference is that in the KEYS Metaverse, the only limits are what we can imagine, and our ability to customize and monetize these spaces inside Meta Mansions are showcasing the reality of creating valuable virtual mansions and benefiting our loyal holders and supporters.

Also, we’re not joking when we say we plan to build META MANSIONS IRL.

Time will tell who’s been building during this bear market, and when you love what you do, everyday is a blessing to have the chance to continue building our vision.

The foundations are in place and dry, now it’s time for framing to enter the picture. And what a picture it’s becoming.

Thank you for your continued support and happy holidays.



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