100% of Meta Mansions have been constructed on Unreal Engine 5 in the Island Biome.

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3 min readFeb 19, 2023


Meta Mansions NFT

The last 90 days was a sprint with the entire development team bringing 3D files from Veliz and KobiKarp onto Unreal Engine 5 through professional conversion. This was by no means a small lift, but one that we understood needed to happen in order to reach the next phase of meta mansions development; customization and monetization.

100% of Meta Mansion bases have now been converted and we are now ready to proceed to the next stage which consists of interior customization tools, integration of building materials, flattening the surface, maximization of internal spaces within each meta mansion, access points including entry and exit as well as higher floors and rooftops, all of which plays a key role in the future integration of our monetization tools such as event hosting, 2D and 3D display spaces, customization of materials, and marketplace for shopping features.

100% of ALL Meta Mansions are now residing on the Island Biome, and we are well aware of the remaining 7 biomes that need to be constructed. However, we strongly believe that the most important priority at this exact moment is interior customization tools of the remaining meta mansions, which may actually play a role in the future biome and plot map development.

As we move along our roadmap for 2023, we are now officially ahead of schedule. This does not necessarily mean we will be completing the roadmap faster, but rather having more time to focus on the most important tasks and challenges that are ahead of us.

The most critical point will come when we begin execution of monetization tools, and everything we are doing now is leading us to that point; which essentially means we are already at a critical point and every action matters in order to maximize the value of where this project is headed for many years, decades to come.

Here are the next phases of Meta Mansions development:

  • Interior customization tools
  • Resizing and renovations of spaces within Meta Mansions
  • Integration of monetization tools
  • Construction of 7 remaining biomes
  • Residential zone plot map to define Meta Mansion locations
  • Accessibility for owners of META MANSIONS NFT’s
  • Accessibility for users of KEYS Metaverse Residential Zone

As always, there will be many challenges that come with a vision of this scale, but we are confident that we have built the right team, procedural pipelines, and analytics tools to ensure maximum productivity and value add for our community members.

We are also looking to bring more community feedback so we can make sure to build what our community wants in terms of tools and features. Now that we have converted our assets into Unreal Engine 5 and shifted focus to customization tools, we are ready to conquer the next phases of development.

Thank you for your time, and we will be sharing more updates very soon!



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